Dancer & Choreographer

Rumiko Otsuka


“Nika and Sisi López” is a poetic and playful work, full of life and energy where two dance-clown characters dance and interact with the audience in a relaxed and humorous way

"Where in the body are feelings?”

They come from different places but through expressing their feelings they communicate and understand each other. They find a way to be open, to accept and their true value of ‘who they are’.

Premiére in autumn 2018!!

Nika & Sisi López

A dans clown performance for children

Lycka Premiére 27 January 2018 in Karavan, Malmö



'Doctor' 8-9 September 2016

Produced and Choreographed by Khamlane Halsackda

'Plat form' at Palladium 10th June 2016

Work in progress with Nidia Martinez-Barbieri

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Dansnät Sverige National Tour

'Yellow Card' Khamlane Halsackda Spring 2017

Performance with

Memory Wax

'I Skuggans land'

2017 Autumn

Date: 15th-19th October At Barnenscenen in Malmö

1st November At Barbacka in Kristianstad


Skapandeskola inspirationsdagen 2017 in Malmö Live!January 2017

Nika and Sisi López had a very inspiring day!                                                   

Click here to Read more about 'Lycka' skapandeskola information...

'Lycka' is granted from Malmö Stad! Congratulations to Nika and Sisi Lopez! December 2016

Plans in spring... December 2016

I will be touring all over Sweden between March to May.

I also join European project, creating and performing in Athens for 2 weeks before summer! Exciting!!

Gold Diggers under the SUN November 2016

Choreographed and directed by Camilla Stage

9-20 November

Dansehallerne, Copenhagen

'Lycka' working in progress June 2016

Danscentrum summer residence 2016

This is a research project for the show ‘Lycka’, creating a methodology, combining clown, Alba emoting technique and dance, by help of an art therapist. We aim to elderly audience can part-take in shows and they can experience a physical, emotional and psychological up lifting.