Rumiko Otsuka was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.

After she graduated from Arnhem Dans Academie in Holland in 2001, she started her professional career as a dancer in Norrdans(SE). She joined Skånes dans teater(SE) in 2005. Since 2009 she has worked as a freelance dancer. She worked for Recoil Dance Group/Tina Tarpgaard(DK), Skånes dansteater(SE), Zappala Danza(IT), Khamlane Halsackda(SE/UK), Somatic Noise(SE/DK), Småland Musik och Teater(SE), Camilla Stage(DK), Memory Wax (SE). She was a member of Dansalliansen from 2010-2019.

She joined Nya Rörelsen summer 2013.

Her background strongly influences the work. The focus is on exploring Japanese culture and heritage and finding where this has a place within her work. She uses her dual experiences of living in Sweden and blending this with her history with Japan, creating a multi-cultural dance/theatre language that is unique and can really communicate with audiences.

Guest productions :

2021 -"ONE MOMENT" ROOM X Riksteatern turné

2020 -Alexandra Pirici 'Monument to Work"

2019 -Memory Wax "ABC"

2018  -Memory Wax "Claroscuro"

         - Duet "Barock och Dans" choreographed by Marie Brolin-Tani

2017 -Memory Wax "I Skuggans Land"

         -Dansnät Sverige National tour

         Khamlane Halsackda "Yellow Card"

2016 -Camilla Stage "Gold Diggers under the SUN"

        - Khamlane Halsackda "Doctor"

        - Maria Naidu "Doris. Do or Don’t"


2013- Somatic Noise "Stimulation Overload" Choreographer: Kirstine Ilum

2012 -Recoil performance group "Living Room" Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard

        -Khamlane Halsackda "Yellow Card"

2011 -compagnia zappla danza "Odisseo" Choreographer: Roberto Zappala

        -Skånes Dansteater "Who let the dog out?"  Choreographer: Lidia Wos

2010 -Recoil performance group "Fuck You Buddy" Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard

        -Smålands Musik och Teater Choreographer: Marie Brolin-Tani

2009 Skånes Dansteater "Black Silk" Jorma Uotinen, Pontus Lidberg

Professional engagements :

2005-2008 Skånes Dansteater (dir. Mrie Brolin-Tani, Sweden)

    Vilpi Pahkinen, Marie Brolin-Tani, Didy Veldman, Orjan Andersson, Per Jonsson, Angelin Preljocaj

2001-2005 Norrdans (dir. Jeanne Yasko, Sweden)

    Rui Horta, Uri Ivgi, Ted Stoffer, Jeanne Yasko, Hanna Gillgren, Stephen Petronio, Roberto Zappara, Itzik Galili

Own Choreographic work :

2020 "Death and life of Mr. O" Collaboration with Kunihiko Matsuo

2019 - Collaboration with Nya Rörelsen "Dance Safari"

        - Solo 'One Moment'

2018 "Lycka" Collaboration with Nidia Martínez Barbieri

2015 "Hej då Campanella!" Collaboration with Kunihiko Matsuo, Junji Koyanagi and Elin Waileth

2013 "Non Blndes" Collaboration with Rörelsen 

2012 "Milky Way Rail Road"

2010 "Day Dream" Collaboration with Pietro La Loggia

2018 Establish RUM I DANS ideell förening in Malmö

Teaching work :

Danscentrum Syd : open classes for professional dancers (modern/contemporary dance)

Skånes Dansteater : morning training for company's dancers (modern/contemporary dance)

Studio no. 1, Malmö : lessons for amateur (children & youth) dancers (ballet)

Vuxenskolan Lund, Style dance studio : lessons for amateur (adults) dancers (contemporary jazz, ballet)

Yuka Hiramuki Ballet Studio, Japan : lessons and choreography workshops for children and youth.